Jurusan Bahasa dan Sastra Arab

Vision dan Mission


to establish a department that achieves excellence in the ASEAN region by 2029 in the execution of Arabic language and literature studies, utilizing  technology and guided by Islamic values and local wisdom.

An excellent:

A department of exceptional quality refers to a study program in Arabic language and literature that surpasses the National Higher Education Standards (SN-Dikti) and the accreditation standards of the Indonesian National Accreditation Board for Higher Education (BAN PT). Additionally, it demonstrates competitiveness at the ASEAN level. The study program’s greatness is achieved via significant academic endeavors in the tridarma of higher education, encompassing education, research, and community service in the domains of Arabic language, linguistics, and literature.

Islamic Values :

Islamic Values refer to a collection of belief systems that are based on the fundamental teachings of Islam, including Aqidah (the Islamic creed), Sharia (Islamic law), and Ahlaq (moral values). These values govern individuals, society, and the state, while also taking into account the outcomes of human interactions, as long as they do not contradict the principles of sharia.

Local wisdom:

Local wisdom refers to a conceptual idea that is deeply ingrained in local communities. It evolves and progresses within the collective consciousness of these communities and serves as a guiding principle for addressing various challenges in meeting their needs. This wisdom is acquired through repeated processes of internalization and interpretation of religious and cultural teachings, which are then socialized as norms.


  1. to enhance expertise in Arabic linguistics and literature within the realm of human resource development.
  2. to undertake research endeavors that contribute to the advancement of teaching and learning in the domain of Arabic linguistics and literature.
  3. to disseminate experiences and innovative findings in the fields of Arabic language, linguistics, and literature through community service activities.
  4. to foster collaboration with relevant parties through the formation of partnerships at the local, national, regional, and worldwide levels, with the objective of equipping graduates with professional expertise in Arabic language and literature.
  5. to facilitate the progressive development of Islamic values and indigenous knowledge via Arabic language and literature.