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Lecturers of Arabic Language and Literature Department Sheikh Nurjati Cirebon Presents Cirebon Manuscript Study Potential at Selangor Islamic University, Malaysia

Selangor, Malaysia (22nd February 2024)- The Department of Arabic Language and Literature (BSA) at the Faculty of Ushuluddin and Adab IAIN Sheikh Nurjati Cirebon, in collaboration with the Arabic Language and Linguistics Study Program at the Faculty of Islamic Civilization Studies (FPPI), Islamic University of Selangor (UIS) Malaysia, recently organized a focus group discussion (FGD) on the topic of ‘Manuscripts and Arabic Literature Studies in Indonesia and Malaysia’. The event took place on Thursday, February 2, 2024, at the meeting room of FPPI UIS Malaysia..

The event featured a total of eight expert speakers, including four lecturers from the BSA Study Program: Erfan Gazali, Rijal Mahdi, Ihsan Sa’dudin, and Mohammad Andi Hakim. Additionally, there were four lecturers from FPPI UIS Malaysia: Dr. Mariam Binti Mat Daud, Prof. Madya Dr. Mohammad Syukri Bin Abdul Rahman, Dr. Md Noor Bin Hussin, and Dr. Khalid Bin Ludin.

In her remarks, Dr. Rosni binti Wazir, the Dean of FPPI UIS Malaysia, highlighted the significance of this FGD as a crucial measure to enhance research collaboration and scientific publications among academics from both nations.

“We appreciate this cooperative endeavor, which is anticipated to enhance the bond between the two establishments in the domain of manuscript studies and Arabic literature, while also enhancing the caliber of education and research in both institutions,” stated Dr. Rosni.

Dr. Wakhid Nashruddin, the Deputy Dean of FUA IAIN Sheikh Nurjati Cirebon, who was present at the event, made an additional comment.

“”The FGD presents a favorable occasion for scholars in both nations to share information and expertise, as well as to enhance the collaborative network,” stated Dr. Wakhid.

Dekan FPPI UIS Malaysia, Dr. Rosni binti Wazir Kepada Wakil Dekan FUA Wakhid Nashruddin, Ph.D

The purpose of this FGD is to examine the role that Arabic manuscripts and literature have played in the development of Indonesian and Malaysian civilization and culture. There is an expectation that this discourse will facilitate subsequent investigations and foster scholarly cooperation between academic establishments and researchers.

In his presentation, Rijal Mahdi, MA, stated, “The Khazanah Manuskrip is extremely abundant in Cirebon, owned by both institutions and individuals.” This presents an opportunity and potential for scholars and researchers to unveil the historical, cultural, and linguistic values contained within these manuscripts. Manuscript studies have the capacity to be both comparative and contrastive when applied to various nations.

This forum signifies a significant stride towards fostering intercultural comprehension and knowledge exchange between Malaysia and Indonesia. By means of sharing perspectives and research discoveries, both entities aim to generate synergies that can advance erudition and innovation on a global scale, with a particular focus on the examination of Arabic manuscripts and literature.


Prof. Dr. Aan Jaelani, M.Ag, chancellor of IAIN Sheikh Nurjati, expressed his delight at this international honor.

“I appreciate the organization of this FGD tremendously. IAIN Sheikh Nurjati Cirebon’s dedication to enhancing learning and research, particularly in the domain of Arabic manuscript and literature studies, is concretely reflected in this endeavor. Collaborations between FPPI UIS Malaysia and the present institution are anticipated to be mutually beneficial as a result of this FGD.

Dr. Anwar Sanusi, the Dean of the Faculty of Ushuluddin and Adab (FUA) IAIN, Sheikh Nurjati Cirebon, expressed his admiration for the accomplishments of the lecturers in the Department of Arabic Language and Literature. “I commend the FUA lecturers for their active participation in this FGD.” The FGD serves as evidence of FUA’s unwavering dedication to fostering international collaboration and enhancing research standards at the Faculty of Ushuluddin and Adab. I am optimistic that the collaboration with FPPI UIS Malaysia would persist and yield enhanced advantages for both organizations.

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